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Making the Cancer Fight Fun

Sonny Cohen | July 31, 2018

I was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma in October of 2013. I was 7 years old. Kids Cancer Alliance helped my family in many ways. When I was in the hospital getting my treatment, I went to a KCA program called a “Camp IN”. In the hospital play room, they set up things you would do at a summer camp, like making smores, doing woodwork and painting. It was one of the most fun things I ever did in the hospital. They also have a program called the Family Retreat. We got to spend the night in a covered wagon like they did on the Oregon Trail. In the morning, we went to the clubhouse for breakfast and they had the best sausage ever! We did things like archery, paintball and fishing during the retreat. I made new friends and my mom and sister did too.

My favorite KCA event is Indian Summer Camp. My first year at camp the theme was “Board Games” and we played life-sized Candy Land and Checkers. I had just finished treatment and was still in a wheel chair with a cast on my leg, but I had lots of fun fishing, playing bazooka-ball and archery. My second year the theme was “Famous Books”. I was finally out of my cast and got to go swimming for the first time in 2 years! I was so excited to get back in the pool. This is one of my favorite memories at Indian Summer Camp. It was AMAZING! I loved being in the water so much that I did the Polar Bear Swim every morning at 7am no matter how cold it was. Ever since then, I have never missed a Polar Bear Swim. I am looking forward to my 5th year at camp this summer. Camp is so important to me because it is one of the few times I get to be with people that have gone through the things that I have. It makes me feel like I can truly be myself because the other kids all understand what it means to fight cancer. Thank you Kids Cancer Alliance for all that you have done to make the cancer fight FUN!


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